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Fall Florals for Saturday


He’d send all of his models down the runway in sneakers to the song, “What Would Pussy Riot Do?” by Jeffrey Lewis. Before I get into how great the Spring 2014 Marc by Marc Jacobs collection is, I want to explain the song (and why this was so cool) in the simplest way I can.

Pussy Riot is a feminist punk rock band whose three members were sentenced to prison in Moscow last year after being found guilty of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred”. They held a guerrilla performance in a cathedral calling for the Virgin Mary to protect Russia from Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president.

The song by Jeffery Lewis brings awareness by asking, “Do you want bands who try to sell you things or bands who try to tell you things?”. This highlights the importance of music with substance and meaning and the importance of artists keeping their voice and not becoming commercialized or compliant. “Before you choose compliancy you ask yourself, and I’ll ask me, WWPRD?”

Which in turn, very closely relates to Marc Jacobs presenting his RTW collection to the world in his own way. Sequined dresses, silk jumpsuits, graphic patterned pieces with sneakers - the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection was wonderful as always. With my MJ obsession, you know I can go on and on about his artistic approach for everything…But since I should really be doing homework right now, I’ll just show you pictures :)

"You’re the power, you’re the biz. The world is what you say it is. The art you make, the things you say, defines what is or ain’t okay."

Watch the runway show here!

Football Meets Fashion at NYFW

For all my football loving fashionistas out there – Kristin Cavallari has answered our prayers.

The attention of many was captured yesterday by the former reality TV star and fashion designer who showcased her,  “NFL for Junk Food curated by Kristin Cavallari”, collection during New York Fashion Week. With Cavallari being married to Jay Cutler, Quarterback for the Chicago Bears, it’s easy to assume her motivation for collaborating with Junk Food and what inspired the designs in this collection. Being the first of it’s kind, the collection was aimed to get women more involved and supportive of football by giving them the perfect outfits to attend a sports bar with the boys.

Since I regularly explore different ways to wear my Eagles t-shirts with mini skirts and printed cardigans, I have to say that I personally LOVE everything about this collection. I never expected to see NFL apparel going down a football field runway during NYFW, so it was surprising to say the least. Each team’s look was different from the next and looks varied from jersey dresses to maxi dresses, to cropped sweaters and crew neck sweat shirts paired with skater skirts and leather pants. This collection is a representation that fashionable females can love to rock football apparel just as much as anyone else. I seriously can’t wait until this merchandise is available for purchase!

(also published on StyleLine)

STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Pickens

So excited to be a Style Guru Intern this semester! Check out my bio on College Fashionista today.

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